Current Work

Research & Development (2017 - 2018)

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Research & Development is a participatory theater experience in which audiences enter into our surreal venture capital laboratory. Ridiculous inventions, outrageous apps, and ludicrous start-ups are pitched by entrepreneurs eager to prove they've got the Next Big Thing. Performers integrate verbatim audience text gathered in live interviews into public and intimate exchanges, as we all await the arrival of the firm's mysterious investor. Propelled by dance and live music, performers and spectators engage collaboratively in the exhilarating moment of creation - the moment when the possibilities seem endless and even bad ideas seem revelatory.

World Premiere Workshop Production performed at Dixon Place in February 2017, with complete productions of it to follow. Featuring Catherine Mary Stewart, Hanna Allerton, John Goodman, Sam Myers, Nick Auer, Max Pendergast, Dan Peeples, Maddie Legro, and Nicko Sandy. Directed by Nick Auer and Max Pendergast. Text by Sam Myers developed in collaboration with The Company. Choreography by Alexandra Tweedley. Music by Maddie Legro. 

Brouhaha Immersive Farm Dinner Project (2016 - 2018)

This summer we are embarking on a multi-year, ongoing project pairing local farm ingredients with live performance.  We are exploring music, dance, and drama inspired by and in conversation with seasonal food, presented as an ambulatory, immersive bacchanal.  So, not your typical dinner theatre .

Collaborating with farmers in New York, Connecticut, and Maine, we hope to craft an experience where the food is the star. Narrative threads will emerge through the lens of the multi-course experiential menu. We will have multiple in-progress showings and dinners culminating with a large-scale, immersive experience staged at a Hudson Valley farm in 2017 and then potentially rebuilt at another farm in 2018.