Aug 9th - 19th in Prospect Park

Sixteen audience members follow an insular high school friend group as they stumble from adolescence to adulthood. But in this show’s beguiling world, a coming-of-age might just come around more than once. What are wayward youth to do when faced with the opportunity to turn back the clock and re-write their most precarious moments? 

The Brouhaha Theatre Project makes its return to Prospect Park with a dreamy immersive experience that takes its audience into some of the park's most enchanting corners. Aug 9th - 19th.

See show website for more information.

Brouhaha Immersive Farm Dinner Project (2016 -       )

We have begun work a multi-year, ongoing project pairing local farm ingredients with live performance.  We are exploring music, dance, and drama inspired by and in conversation with seasonal food, presented as an ambulatory, immersive bacchanal.  So, not your typical dinner theatre.

Collaborating with farmers in New York, Connecticut, and Maine, we hope to craft an experience where performance emerges from beautiful food products and transforms alongside these ingredients. Narrative threads will emerge through the lens of the multi-course experiential menu. We will have multiple in-progress showings and dinners culminating with a large-scale, immersive experience staged at a Hudson Valley farm in 2018/19 and then potentially reinvented at another farm in 2020.